Welcome to the world of SY VITO

Sailing Yacht type “SAGA 40” designed by Alan Pape. Blue water cruiser.

Aluminium double-ender with cutter rig. Sail area approx 70m^2. Tiller steering, Aries self-steering.

Dimensions: 12,20 m x 3,78 m x 2m. Displacement 13.8 tonnes, ballast 5,4 tonnes lead enclosed inside aluminium hull.

This is the only Saltram Saga 40 built in aluminium. Specially re-designed for aluminium by Alan Pape.

Built in 1990 by Habbeke Shipyard in the Netherlands, using ALMG 4.5 5083 Marine grade aluminium and welding rod 5356.

The interior is by the VAN WORKUM boatyard, Arnheim (NL).